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Languages are treasures, yet they have no price.
12 languages have died since January 1st,
1 language is dying while you read this,
11 more will die by December 31st.
Scary. Are you sure?
I am positive.
How many?


Why languages die

Like everything we observe around us (from bacteria to galaxies) languages appear, evolve, associate, dissociate, and disappear. However, current rate of language death is alarming.

This is mostly caused by political and economic factors at all levels of society: globalization, colonization, requirement to speak an official language to apply for a job, belief that passing the language on to the youth will be of no use to them, etc.

Experts estimate that 50% of today's 6900 languages will disappear during this century. We believe this estimate is way too optimistic because experts underestimated one key factor: technology.


What Nunasoft does

Nunasoft develops technology for maintaining languages. Our products and services help communities around the World with their language projects.

Our approach for maintaining languages is a combination of innovation and fieldword. Our LMT® (Language Maintenance Toolkit) is the innovation part, our LMP® (Language Maintenance Process) being for fieldwork. Everything we do has to pass a basic yet strict test: “does that help maintaining languages?”.

Is your community working on maintaining its language? Or is it planning to do so? Nunasoft can help you at any stage of your project.

Read our President's article in Unesco's Net.lang book,
available in English and French.



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