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TV, radio, press

Jun 19, 2009
Montreal First Peoples' Festival
El Diario
El Reloj
El Corregidor
Rumbo de México

Jun 15, 2007
CIBL 101.5 MHz (Montreal's main community radio)
Program "Le 5 à 7"
Preservation of Aboriginal languages

Jan 30, 2007
APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network)
National News

May 29, 2006
La Presse Affaires
Inuktitut keyboards

Oct 26, 2005
Discovery Channel: Daily Planet

Is it just me, or does my blimp look funny to you?

Sep 30, 2005
Preserving the Inuit writing system one key at a time

Jul 4, 2005
Le lien multimédia
Nunasoft contributes to preserving Inuit culture

Jun 23, 2005
Montreal Mirror
Ancient language goes digital

Articles, interviews

Mar 2012
Net.Lang: Towards the Multilingual Cyberspace
UNESCO, MAAYA, Union Latine, IDRC, La Francophonie, ANLoc
Technological Innovation and Language Preservation

Nov 26, 2008
Global Watchtower
Canadian Language Industry Harmonizes
Policy, Technology, and Partnerships

Canadian Language Industry Express
The Science Behind Language

Jan 30, 2008
Adapter l'informatique aux cultures

Jan 29, 2008
Réalisations et commentaires des clients

Jun 5, 2006
Le Lé
Techno tools for the Aboriginals

Aug 2006
Canadian Circumpolar Institute
University of Alberta
Polar Access

Jun 2006
Canadian Circumpolar Institute
University of Alberta
Polar Access

Oct 1, 2005
Culture's days
InuktiChat and syllabic keyboard

Jun 21, 2005
Alliance NumériQC
Unveiling InuktiChat

Conferences, papers

May 10-13, 2011
Cultural Resource Association
Puliima 2011: National Indigenous Languages and Technology Forum

Dec 4, 2009
University of Ottawa
AILIA 2007

Nov 17, 2008
Language Industry Association
AILIA 2008

Janet Muller
Report of Study Visit to Canada in 2006

Nov 30, 2007
Language Industry Association
AILIA 2007

Apr 13-15, 2007
Conference on the Endangered Languages and Cultures of Native America 2007
Center for American Indian Languages, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Technology: a double-edged sword for endangered languages of Native America

Oct 25-27, 2006
Foundation for Endangered Languages 2006
Central Institute of Indian Languages Mysore, Karnataka, India
Adapting technology to
endangered languages

University of Washington, USA
Timothy Pasch
Arctic Cyberspace: Empowering Nunavik Inuit



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